Brighten the World One Gnome at a Time

Let’s Make Magic Happen Together!

Welcome to GRATITUDESheart, where each Gnome is more than just a decoration; it’s a beacon of hope and joy. In life’s toughest moments, a small act of kindness can illuminate the darkest paths. Be the light for someone—whether a resilient child facing health battles or an inspiring woman overcoming obstacles—by gifting them a Gnome Bundle filled with love, hope, and a sprinkle of magic.

Why We Created Gnomes

Support Local Organizations with Time & Donations

Partner with Local & National Charities to Improve the World we Live in

Live our Core Value of Gratitude by Creating an Avenue for Giving Back to Our Community

Bring Value to the Community as we Work to Improve the Lives of Those we Interact With

Our Partners

Why Gnomes?

A Journey of Heartfelt Impact

At the heart of GRATITUDESheart lies a mission: to craft not just Gnomes, but symbols of strength, resilience, and unwavering courage. Our Gnomes are ambassadors of hope, each carrying a message of empowerment and the magic of inner strength. They stand as reminders to those in the midst of adversity that they possess an unbreakable spirit capable of overcoming any challenge.

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How You Can Make a Difference

Donate a Gnome Set

Send a ray of sunshine to a child or adult courageously fighting cancer. Your donation is a powerful gesture of support and love.

Build Your Own Gnome Bundle

Personalize a gift that speaks volumes, tailor-made for someone special in your life who deserves a smile.

Fuel a Cause with Gnomes

Discover how Gnomes can amplify your fundraising efforts, bringing communities together for a noble cause.

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Shop with Purpose

Dive into our world of Gnomes and find the perfect symbol of joy and resilience. Each purchase is a step towards making a tangible difference, with 100% of GRATITUDESheart profits supporting our partner charities. From Dave’s Bundle of Courage to Ava’s Beacon of Hope, your choice contributes to a cycle of giving and love.